General Patient Scheduling Selection Information

The Orthopaedic Institute Surgery Center (OISC) welcomes generally healthy patients for day surgery orthopedic procedures.

We are an ambulatory orthopedic surgery center intended for the care of adolescent and adult patients.  We do not provide "after hours" care and do not currently care for patients overnight.  Patients are requirements:

    • H & P performed and dated within 30 days of the scheduled procedure
    • A responsible adult to care for the patient during the first 24 hours after surgery
    • A ride home after the surgery (patients cannot drive home after surgery)
    • Meet Patient Scheduling Selection Guidelines (see below) 


General Requirements

  • Patient Age 12 - 80 years
  • ASA classification 1 or 2 (American Society of Anesthesiologists Physical Status Classification System)
  • Elective procedures on NPO compliant patients
  • NPO solids and non-clear liquids > 6 hours
  • NPO clear liquids > 2 hours