2020 Blood Glucose Monitoring

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You must score 80%. The test may be taken as many times as needed to reach this score.

Once you have completed the competency test, you must successfully run a LOW and HIGH control. You will attest that this was completed at the end of the test.

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What is the reportable range that will display on the analyzer?
Measurement must be started within _______ seconds once the cuvette is filled.
Which finger(s) should be used for testing?
Unopened controls need to be stored refrigerated between 35 and 46°F.
When should control testing be performed?
When do the controls expire once opened?
How many drops of blood should be wiped away before testing?
If the cuvette isn't filled in one continuous process, it can be refilled with the same drop of blood.
Excess blood should be wiped away from the outer surface of the cuvette with gauze before placing it into the holder.
The cuvette holder should be cleaned each day of use with alcohol (20-70%).
It is recommended to use venous or arterial blood to obtain a glucose level for a patient with severe hypotension and peripheral circulatory failure.
If the cuvettes are left at room temperature, they must be used or discarded after _____ days?
The exterior surface of the analyzer doesn't need to be disinfected between patients. It only needs to be disinfected at the end of the day.
I attest that I have successfully run a LOW and HIGH control.

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