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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take my usual daily medication?

Please consult with your primary care provider regarding insulin or any other medications that you are taking.

May I continue my herbal medications?

Please consult with your primary care provider regarding your herbal medications.

Herbal medications may have harmful effects on the surgery. Many of these remedies may effect your clotting mechanism and interfere with the anesthetic agents. (The list of drugs and their side effects are too great for this site.) We generally request that you stop these medications prior to your surgery. Please remember to mention these remedies when being asked about medication.

Who may accompany me?

You are welcome to bring two people with you to the Center. They will be allowed to be in your room with you before surgery and may sit with you after the surgery if you so choose.  A nurse from the Center will review the current visitor guidelines during the preoperative phone call.

When a patient is a child often two parents and/or guardians will accompany him or her to the Center. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, however, one parent and/or guardian will be permitted at a time. Please refrain from bringing young children to the Center as guests.

Will I receive sedation before going into the operating room?

We will individualize each patient’s care.